Menu may change without notice.

Baked Chicken
$8.00 per person
Juicy pieces of chicken on the bone breaded and baked in the oven.
Fried Chicken
$7.75 per person
Chicken on the bone simply seasoned and fried with a thin, crisp coating and tender, juicy meat.
Italian Beef Sandwich
$7.50 per person
Sliced beef and sweet peppers in au jus with rolls and hot peppers on the side.
Oven Roasted Herb Chicken
$7.75 per person
All-natural chicken on the bone marinated with an herb blend and oven roasted.
Sausage, Peppers & Potatoes
$6.75 per person
Fresh green peppers, oven roasted potatoes and sausage sautéed with Italian herbs and seasonings.
Honey Baked Ham
$8.25 per person
Ham sliced thin and served in a honey mustard sauce.
Chicken Lemon
$8.25per person
Chicken breasts, lightly floured served in a White Wine Herb Lemon Sauce.
Chicken Parmesan
$8.75 per person
Lightly herbed and parmesan breaded chicken breasts in marinara sauce, baked and topped with mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Vesuvio
$8.25 per person
Sautéed breast of chicken with rosemary, garlic & white wine. Served with oven roasted potatoes and peppers.
Chicken Alexandra
$8.75 per person
Boneless breast of chicken stuffed with mushrooms & diced apples. Topped with a homemade Tarragon Cream Sauce.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
$8.75 per person
Boneless Chicken breast filled with sliced Ham & Swiss cheese served over a light Champagne mustard sauce.
Chicken Marsala
$8.50 per person
Boneless breast of chicken lightly floured & sautéed with mushrooms, garlic and Marsala wine sauce.
Eggplant Siciliano
$8.50 per person
Layers of lightly breaded eggplant, fresh herbs, ricotta cheese & olives. Topped with mozzarella cheese & baked in a tomato basil sauce. Served with parmesan cheese on the side.
Pork Loin
$10.50 per person
Boneless porkloin seasoned & oven roasted. Sliced and topped with Chef Raul's homemade brown gravy.
Medallion Beef Tenderloin
$44.50 per person
6oz Beef Tenderloin with mushroom & onion demi glace.
Oven Roasted Turkey
$9.25 per person
Turkey breast oven roasted to perfection with a natural gravy.
Salmon Florentine
$15.50 per person
Fresh Salmon stuffed with sautéed spinach & topped with lobster cream sauce.
Prime Rib
$29.95 per person
Roast Prime Rib with au jus on a Carving Station. Creamy horseradish on the side. Chef is an additional charge.